About Our Movers Mentorship Program

AFHCO officially launched the Movers Mentorship Program for AFHCO Student Living in 2021. The program reinforces AFHCO’s commitment to continue providing opportunities to our residents to live better and continue to Move Up in their lives.

The Movers Mentorship Program is aimed at providing mentorship to young people through support and development of their overall wellbeing. The program focuses on 4 pillars that we believe affect a young person’s potential to succeed, namely, academic, social, mental and financial wellbeing. This is done through partnerships with various organisations and brands that add value to the purpose of the initiative for an impactful engagement with young people and to develop future leaders.

AFHCO will host activities and events for this program and would love for all students to join and enjoy these amazing benefits. The activities will be set up in a way that creates a platform for engagement, learning and growth for all students participating in this program and encourage peer-to-peer support and mentorship. This is exclusive to AFHCO Africa Housing Company Residents.

We understand that students have had a long year and would like to give students an opportunity to partake in something fun with friends at the Movers Have Talent and Market. Click on the button below to register: